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Money Crunch

I decided to buy as many books as possible from fellow students this year.

  1. I like supporting student sales, largely because I sell my own books this way. There are 40,000ish students, so there’s quite a market.
  2. It’s cost conscious. I get a better deal than through the bookstore — and so do they.
  3. Earth friendly — reuse, reuse, reuse, plus no major transportation required.

Major con: kids don’t take Visa. I did not plan ahead for this when coming back — I have exactly $46 in cash and $4 in dimes/nickles/quarters on me right now.  I’ve been going through all of my purses, book bags, piggy banks, anything to try to get two denominations of $35. (I also left my debit card at home due to a string of armed assaults on campus.)

It’s a really funny feeling not having access to the money, an emergency back up plan, or the easy credit of a credit card in this case. Well, hopefully Walgreens does cash back from my credit card tomorrow!

Edit: They don’t.


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I just got back from a quick trip to Target, and saw that the Christmas stuff was already pretty picked over. Retailers expected 2009 to be a lackluster year of sales and unfortunately ordered accordingly.

There only had a few small trees left, and it was only $10, so…  I now own a 32″ fiber optic tree. I just assembled it to make sure nothing is missing, then repackaged it for next year. I was planning to spend a little more for a bigger, traditional tree, so the little guy seemed like a good purchase, especially since the fiber optics eliminated the need for strands of lights. I wonder how energy costs compare, though.

A couple of little glass birds, purchased for 50 cents on clearance last year.

It’s interesting to see that there are Christmas items not in the seasonal department. I stopped by mensware and found a display, but then decided that buying xbox360 boxers for AT would probably just be a waste of money. Lose-lose situation: either he wouldn’t use them, or I’d end up hating them. Just can’t win sometimes.

That was the only Christmas item I bought since it was the only thing that had specifications besides being cheap. I asked the very sweet checker if she knew when clearance would increase to 75% off, but she didn’t.

Things I’m still looking for: wine glasses, fabric, ribbon, non-Christmas knick-nacks & decorating supplies, etc.

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After-Christmas clearance is quite possibly my favorite shopping event of the season. I always find a lot better bargains hunting through mismatched shelves than during other massive sales events like Black Friday.

It’s always a bit of a surprise to see what a retailer such as Target considers to be Christmas gift items — I always keep my eyes out for specially packaged makeup, jewelry boxes, etc. Snowflakes are usually a good clue.

While the 26th of December is hyped as a huge sales day, I think it’s worth waiting until the closeout discounts start. There’s nothing that I’ll be devastated if I don’t get, so why not wait ;)

Things I’m planning to buy–

  • Artificial Christmas Tree — while there’s no law requiring it, I’d really like to have one in my apartment. Probably wait for 75% off for this one.
  • Lights and ornaments — for use, see above.
  • Tissue paper — in white so that it is not seasonal. Planning to use this to wrap gifts and play with some photography lighting ideas.
  • Gift bags, gift wrap — Snowman, holly and santas will still be in season next year, so it’s a great time to stock up on wrapping paper and other supplies at a steep discount.
  • Crafting materials — ribbon and richly colored fabrics are often on clearance. I’ve gone as far as to buy table cloths at 90% off for sewing projects. This goes under the only-buy-it-if-you’ll-really-use-it category, though.
  • Gifts — I’m really looking for things like picture frames and sweaters that will be just as good next year. (AT*’s birthday is coming up, too!) I look for things like a mirrored frames that will always be stylish.
  • Ornaments for repurposings — At $0.25 cents apiece, I bought some small gold frames that were meant to be used as ornaments, then stuck prom photos in them for a wall display. At the very least, I thought it was cute :)
  • Candy — I’m thinking about chocolates wrapped in red foil for valentine’s day, or candy canes to crush and decorate a cake. Yum!

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