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My mom and I have always been interested in real estate window-shopping. I grew up in one house — the only house she’s ever owned — but we watch MLS listings in our community, reading the house descriptions, flipping through the pictures, and watching the price fluctuations.

It always amazes me: You can tell how expensive a house is going to be by the quality of the listing.

Duh. No really, the quality of the listing directly relates to how nice a house is. While it’s understandable that a $2,000,000 McMansion gets better treatment than the boxy $350K house, the differences in presentation are ridiculous.

I’ll be the first to admit that the houses differ in caliber — and, if free, I’d have a clear choice. Still, as a photographer, Cheap House’s pictures could be dramatically improved with minimal effort. Change the angle, turn on all of the interior lights even thought it’s daylight, kill the flash, move the big plastic toys until the photo shoot is over.

When it comes time to sell our house, I’m planning on giving it the million-dollar treatment. The rooms won’t magically become big, or are furnishings as nice as some of the local lux properties, but there’s absolutely no reason to decrease the “curb appeal” of the house to a buyer because it won’t sell for as much to begin with.

The costs of correct spelling in the listing, or spending a few more minutes on each photo are little. The savings? Potentially quite large, changing the entire vibe of the listing. To me, the important idea is that each home stands on it’s own merits, and isn’t penalized for not being “good enough”.


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Color Career Counselor

Say what?

I found the Color Career Counselor by careerpath.com on the Young House Love blog. Their post (okay, I didn’t actually read the entire entry) thought that the results were pretty accurate — and my goodness, I do too.

My result was “researcher”. That’s not necessarily my career goal at this point, but it definitely hit home. On my resume, my two “real” jobs have both been in research — material science and biomedical, if you’re interested.

If you’re interested, I’d definitely say try it. It took well under 5 minutes, and was pretty interesting, both to see the results and think about how on earth it worked.

Oh, and while we’re chatting, I adore Young House Love — they have created an absolutely gorgeous home, and done a great job monetizing it through consulting, blog sponsors and merchandise. What a dream job!

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Penny Redo

Happy Monday, readers! I finished a penny redecorating project this weekend with this small, army-green metal drawer chest that I got for free from my grandpa’s garage.

Click here to see the entire process @ Penny Couture Crafts!

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