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Red Whine

I feel like I should start a food blog. Meals are something I think about a lot, from preparing 3 square ones a day to squeezing in an emergency grocery run between classes today before a big Midwest blizzard supposedly hits tonight. (Okay, almost squeezing in — I ended up being pretty late.) Not that I think the snow will be bad, but snow + grocery cart + walking a mile is an unappealing combination.

So anyway…

I just opened a bottle of V8 Fusion Light Pomegranate Blueberry, which has a “combined serving of fruits and vegetables” in each 8 oz glass, whatever that means. In my opinion, the blend is not very smooth — I can really taste the [raw] sweet potatoes!

After seeing the tv campaigns, I wanted to try the product to wrangle more fruit and veggie nutrients into my diet. My verdict is that  a glass of traditional V8 followed by some fruit juice would be more satisfying, although it is a pretty purple color.


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which is why I always open the oven before the cake is done.

I made Bakerella’s peach cobbler tonight — what could be easier than a can (I used two) of peaches, cake mix, butter and brown sugar?  If it’s half as good as it looks (and smells!) part way through the baking time, I’m sold. Ridiculously easy, indeed.

My spoiling of surprises also means that I know what AT’s getting me for Valentine’s day (business purse/laptop bag). Which is much cooler than what I’m getting him. Red izod pullover… from Macy’s [on sale, of course], but all the same, clothing, which isn’t a man’s dream gift despite being an improvement on his usual wardrobe.  (He has the bad habit of buying huge clothes that look pretty darn sloppy and aren’t encouraging in the personal-fitness department.)

I’m also considering an emergency order of “The Art of Manliness”. I read the reviews on Amazon, and I think it could be interesting;  the question is whether he will 1. be offended, assuming it means that he lacks manliness and/or 2. read it, ever.  If it inspired him, it might help us see eye to eye him agree with me more, which is always a good thing. I started reading the website, and have fallen in love with the idea — so calm, down to earth, nonpartisan, and sensible. I’m tempted to pick up a copy for my dad and a couple of male best friends, too!

What do you buy for the men in your life?

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Yum. What do you do when you’ve stocked up on cherry jell-o and cake mixes?

This is a very easy-to-make and frugal dessert, and could be easily dressed up with a little frozen whipped topping  added on top. I think the Jello cost around 50 cents, the cake mix about a dollar, and then a little extra for the oil and eggs that the mix needed.

I would like to say that if you don’t like soft cake, this isn’t for you. It turns out very moist, but very crumbly and best eaten with a bowl & spoon. Also very delicious, but if you want a firm cake, don’t use this. (Letting it sit a day really improves the texture, in my opinion.)

I started out with a dark chocolate Pillsbury cake mix, the brand which seems to turn out the best when making denser chocolate cakes. No idea whether the claim to have a cup of pudding in the mix for an “extra moist cake” is true, but it works.

Yegads, the cake had expired last decade — December 31, 2009 to be exact — but I went ahead and used it, teehee. Added water, oil, and eggs, let my stand mixer get to work, and popped it in the oven.

By the time the cake is done, prepare  a small (4-serving) box of cherry jello based on what the box said. No need to chill the jello — I let the liquid hang out on the counter in a measuring cup. Using a fork, punch holes all over the top of the cake. (Note: the cake will crumble less if it has been cooled first) then poured the liquid jello over the cake, which was really absorbent. Chill, then serve.

Success! Bon appetit, mes amis.

I didn’t use a recipe, besides following the directions on the packages. My inspiration was that my grandma used to do something similar with some kind of cake and lemon jello, and it’s hard to go too far wrong when combining desserts sugar.

I didn’t use a recipe, besides following the directions on the packages. My inspiration was that my grandma used to do something similar with some kind of cake and lemon jello, and it seemed kind of hard to go too far wrong.

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