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I would consider myself a moderate online shopper. Clothing seems to have better deals in stores ($5 clearance sweater dress pushed into the dark corner, anyone?!), but I buy most of my new textbooks over the internet and order a lot of photo gifts and prints.

Ebates.com just cut me a quarterly check. I spent $222.70 through their site, and will receive a $17.50 check in the mail soon. I’ve been a member since 2006, and gotten back $74.29 since then.  It will never be a huge source of income, but is great if it’s something you’re going to buy anyway (symbolic logic text or rain boots, anyone?!).


I’ve gotten credits from stores like Barnes and Noble, the Gap, Overstock.com, Apple, Magazines.com, Fuji Film, and Gardener’s Supply Co. What I like best about the program is that you don’t have to earn points to then cash out — just get $5 cashback, and a paypal transfer or check will be sent on the next payment date.

The only problem with Ebates is that some purchases are occasionally excluded when using coupons. For instance, I used a $15 off any sized order coupon at Kodak Gallery on Black Friday that wasn’t credited; when complaining, I was told that it was invalid because of the coupon (which was, admittedly an excellent good deal already…) . I’ve successfully used 25% off coupons on orders from AE, Staples, Foot Locker, Gap, etc too. The key, of course, is to only buy what you need — if you’re ordering rain boots online anyway, getting 6% cash back is a nice plus.

If you’re interested, and care to sign up through me by clicking here, there is a $5 referral bonus which I would be absolutely willing to accept ;).  The only payment I received was my “big fat check” from Ebates as a result of my savvy shopping — I thought you might enjoy it, too!


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That’s something my mom and I often debate when I tell her that I’ve started ____ to save or earn money.

To test this, my trusty 2009 Excel spreadsheets showed —

Money earned —

  • $126 from selling 4 items through Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and Half.com.
    I sold some software I never used, an XBOX 360 video game and college football tickets that I won, and a book that I purchased for a sociology class. I have a few more books listed that will hopefully be bought at the beginning of next semester. While the money earned is nice, I think this is mainly just a good way to get rid of stuff that has little value to me.
  • $100 opening bonus on my Citi Forward card. (I think I’ve spend under $400 on the card, total, ever. All of which is paid off monthly, of course.)
  • $60 in Amazon.com gift cards from Swagbucks.
  • $53 dollars in photo contest prizes.
    Much credit goes to the model (my parents’ yorkshire terrier), although I did spend a couple of hours preparing the entry..
  • $10 in Amazon.com gift cards from a post-purchase survey about rain boots I bought.

(I think all of this money-stuff was done from July–now.)

Works in Progress —

  • 1259 1289 MyCokeRewards (mycokerewards.com) points that I should really spend. I want to figure out which prize has the highest value to points ratio, first, though.
    Diet coke is my favorite — while soda is a waste of money, I figure that I might as well get as many rewards as possible out of it. (The points in my account have been accumulating for a couple years, with a lot of  help from AT who is also quite the diet coke drinker. I’ve also been known to take the 2L caps home to enter the codes after a party, too…)
  • ~3500 points on mypoints (enough for a $25 gift certificate, although I may wait until I have enough points for a $50 gift cert since the points-per-dollar ratio is lower. The lowest points per dollar giftcard is $50 to Macy’s, but their items have higher prices to begin with than other retailers so it may not be the best deal.)
  • 1200 frequent flyer miles on United. I just spent 1600 frequent flyer miles on two magazines.  The magazines probably aren’t a great deal  miles per cent wise, but I don’t plan on flying much anytime soon, and miles are notoriously difficult to use. Also, most of my trips are for business purposes and are free (to me, at least!)


  • $441.23 $449.47 total, assuming nothing gets rejected. Remember to always keep photocopies of your slips, forms, UPCs just in case a problem arises.

While no where close to a full-time income, this isn’t too bad for here-and-there activities!

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