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Craft Plans

I have a few simmering ideas for things to make. Planning ahead always helps me save on costs and repurpose materials. The only problem is if I forget!

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One of my favorite ideas is a wine-cork bulletin board. This would look charming in the kitchen, and I really like the vintage look. This one from Bed Bath and Beyond is cute, but I like the look of slightly-stained, real corks. I intend to build my own frame out of corner molding, too. The total cost for the project will be around $4 then, excluding the cost of the wine. My parents and grandfather are doing all of the wine buying (and drinking) since that’s still illegal for me ;)

Another idea is to make a bouquet of paper flowers for my sister’s next show. I’m going to photocopy sheet music onto pretty pink paper, write little comments (The date! The show! Congratulations! etc etc), then make simple paper flowers with floral wire spines. Simple to make and easy to transport — and I think they’d be cute as one of her many opera keepsakes, too.

My latest project is creating a marketing at my university’s private equity center as the newest fellow of the leadership team, but that’s not a cute craft, just a lot of emails, writing, and tweeting :P


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which is why I always open the oven before the cake is done.

I made Bakerella’s peach cobbler tonight — what could be easier than a can (I used two) of peaches, cake mix, butter and brown sugar?  If it’s half as good as it looks (and smells!) part way through the baking time, I’m sold. Ridiculously easy, indeed.

My spoiling of surprises also means that I know what AT’s getting me for Valentine’s day (business purse/laptop bag). Which is much cooler than what I’m getting him. Red izod pullover… from Macy’s [on sale, of course], but all the same, clothing, which isn’t a man’s dream gift despite being an improvement on his usual wardrobe.  (He has the bad habit of buying huge clothes that look pretty darn sloppy and aren’t encouraging in the personal-fitness department.)

I’m also considering an emergency order of “The Art of Manliness”. I read the reviews on Amazon, and I think it could be interesting;  the question is whether he will 1. be offended, assuming it means that he lacks manliness and/or 2. read it, ever.  If it inspired him, it might help us see eye to eye him agree with me more, which is always a good thing. I started reading the website, and have fallen in love with the idea — so calm, down to earth, nonpartisan, and sensible. I’m tempted to pick up a copy for my dad and a couple of male best friends, too!

What do you buy for the men in your life?

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