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Color Career Counselor

Say what?

I found the Color Career Counselor by careerpath.com on the Young House Love blog. Their post (okay, I didn’t actually read the entire entry) thought that the results were pretty accurate — and my goodness, I do too.

My result was “researcher”. That’s not necessarily my career goal at this point, but it definitely hit home. On my resume, my two “real” jobs have both been in research — material science and biomedical, if you’re interested.

If you’re interested, I’d definitely say try it. It took well under 5 minutes, and was pretty interesting, both to see the results and think about how on earth it worked.

Oh, and while we’re chatting, I adore Young House Love — they have created an absolutely gorgeous home, and done a great job monetizing it through consulting, blog sponsors and merchandise. What a dream job!


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Link Love

Here are some of my favorite recent reads in financial and frugal realms —

  • Lifehacker’s Top 10 Kitchen Repurposing Ideas — I really like #1 and 3, both of which are really great for my current temporary-apartment-kitchen situation. #8 also intrigues me, but probably cuts down on the nutritional value.
  • NY Times article about scary computer hacking. The amount of potentially compromised personal data is terrifying.
  • Seven Key Secrets to a Longer, Healthy Life — Found on my homepage, I love how simple and cheap each of the suggestion is. There aren’t expensive supplements to buy, or out there lifestyle adjustments. While I’m young enough that my health sins haven’t caught up to me yet, the only criteria I know I meet are for BMI and not smoking. Eep!
  • Kiplinger’s 10 Great Money Movie Rentals — I don’t think I learned much from Confessions of a Shopaholic (AT: “Wow, she’s just like you as a redhead!” Thanks, honey.), but I did enjoy seeing it.
  • Investopedia. The perfect tool to get some serious money management going.

Would it be interesting to share tidbits from the gazillion and a half credit hours of financial courses I’m taking? (Accounting, Econ, other Econ, Management)

Okay, not a gazillion. But it feels like it when you add Organic Chemistry and Symbolic Logic to the mix. Yikes!

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