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Fun Frugality

What money-saving activity are you most proud of?

For me, it’s clothes. First, I see myself as a savvy spender. Finding a “50% off all reduce items” sign is like Christmas for me. Unless there’s an immediate need (underwear, suit jacket), I always buy on sale. When buying anything online, I shop through Ebates. While I have a considerable volume of clothing, it’s mainly classic pieces that can be worn in many different ways to many different occasions.

Secondly, I  buy pretty nice things — but then take care of them like no other. I remove stains before washing, trying everything — soap, soaking, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide. I keep sweaters clean-ish by hand-washing for a few wears between trips to the laundry. If there’s a loose thread, snip snip. Worse yet, if there’s an actual hole, I grab a needle , some thread and get mendin’.  Clear nail polish is a business staple in case I get a run in my nylons — with my 25-cent lint roller tagging along in my big black purse too.

How about you?

I would be tickled pink if you’d tell me what your choice would be. :)
It’s like a celebration of sorts that Penny Couture has hit the 50 post mark!


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