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Craft Plans

I have a few simmering ideas for things to make. Planning ahead always helps me save on costs and repurpose materials. The only problem is if I forget!

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One of my favorite ideas is a wine-cork bulletin board. This would look charming in the kitchen, and I really like the vintage look. This one from Bed Bath and Beyond is cute, but I like the look of slightly-stained, real corks. I intend to build my own frame out of corner molding, too. The total cost for the project will be around $4 then, excluding the cost of the wine. My parents and grandfather are doing all of the wine buying (and drinking) since that’s still illegal for me ;)

Another idea is to make a bouquet of paper flowers for my sister’s next show. I’m going to photocopy sheet music onto pretty pink paper, write little comments (The date! The show! Congratulations! etc etc), then make simple paper flowers with floral wire spines. Simple to make and easy to transport — and I think they’d be cute as one of her many opera keepsakes, too.

My latest project is creating a marketing at my university’s private equity center as the newest fellow of the leadership team, but that’s not a cute craft, just a lot of emails, writing, and tweeting :P


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College Cents

Picking up pennies makes me happy. I never pay attention to the heads up is good luck/tails is bad luck — my reasoning is, hey, I found a penny! Which roughly translated to free money, so I’m not complainin’.

I think it’s easier to go after ways to earn and save money than make everyday life adjustments. Picking up pennies is one instance; playing “the game” with drug store rewards at Walgreens or CVS is another.

Here’s my list of biggest things I should be doing on a daily basis to save, and what stuff costs me the most.

Ways to saving —

  • Use free printing. One perk of my over-priced student housing is a free laser printer in the computer lab. You are supposed to donate paper to replenish what is used, but toner is free. I should hardly ever use my personal printer (except to print coupons, since I can’t download the app for that on the public comps).
  • Use free school services. Two prime examples are the computer help desk and the health center. There is free PC repair gurus and packages of band-aids just waiting to be used!
  • Win free stuff. I’ve come to the conclusion that relatively few people 1. read the daily paper or 2. enter the contests found within the pages of the daily paper. I’ve won two sets of tickets and an xbox game so far, and just entered this week’s  contest for tickets to Cirque du Soleil. Whee!
  • Go to the rec center. It’s included in some fee or another, so I should aim to go frequently enough to make my “membership” worthwhile. Theoretically, this should lead me to a healthier lifestyle with fewer medical needs, too.

Insanely expensive things —

  • Laundry. $3 a load makes me angry, but clean clothes are pretty darn close to a necessity.
  • Pre-prepared food. Sometimes it just feels like a microwaveable dinner is all I have time for, but this definitely isn’t the case.
  • Housing. Highway robbery, I tell ya. Then again, there are enough actual robberies that ponying up the money to get a safe place seems like a really good idea.

What are your biggest finds and losses?

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