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Red Whine

I feel like I should start a food blog. Meals are something I think about a lot, from preparing 3 square ones a day to squeezing in an emergency grocery run between classes today before a big Midwest blizzard supposedly hits tonight. (Okay, almost squeezing in — I ended up being pretty late.) Not that I think the snow will be bad, but snow + grocery cart + walking a mile is an unappealing combination.

So anyway…

I just opened a bottle of V8 Fusion Light Pomegranate Blueberry, which has a “combined serving of fruits and vegetables” in each 8 oz glass, whatever that means. In my opinion, the blend is not very smooth — I can really taste the [raw] sweet potatoes!

After seeing the tv campaigns, I wanted to try the product to wrangle more fruit and veggie nutrients into my diet. My verdict is that  a glass of traditional V8 followed by some fruit juice would be more satisfying, although it is a pretty purple color.


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