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Mardi Gras

Tomorrow, I can only imagine that the campus bars and students will be living it up, New Orleans style. Who dat?! (Some pink beads might have also popped up as decorations on the lamp in the living room this week, too.)

I feel like I’m missing an opportunity to find a marginally entrepreneurial opportunity from the occasion. Festivities + drunk students = $$$,  somehow or another.

My best idea (which is kind of unrelated to Mardi Gras) is to call the bars and ask if they would be willing to give me wine corks for the project I talked about here. At least some of the nicer establishments serve wine, and I’d imagine that they pop quite a few bottles per week. The only issue might be getting them saved as opposed to discarded…

Another ongoing idea is to accumulate free t-shirts — worst comes to worst, I could make rag rugs out of them. Which would, admittedly, be kind of cool. Or I could save the non-printed material for a some sewing project.

Do you have any entrepreneurial ideas burning a hole in your back pocket?


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