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Job Fair Rules

I went to a career fair today. It wasn’t my first, but the first time when I was actually looking for a position. This was a university fair, so all of the companies attending targeted my school, which, in my opinion, certainly helps things work out well in the long run.

Points that hit home from the experience, for the future —

  • Do your homework. Preparing for a job fair matters so much more than preparing for class! I was able to find a list of companies recruiting online. I looked at their profiles, and made a list of which companies were offering internships that I felt might mesh with my interests. Through the fair, I referred to the list to prioritize which reps I wanted to talk to.
  • Come prepared with a self-commercial. I had a general idea of what I wanted to say — my background, my interests and what I was looking for. Practice makes perfect — by the end of a couple of hours, it was smooth sailing!
  • Bring your resume, en masse. I printed off myriad copies of my up-to-date resume last night, so that I could freely hand them out to recruiters. Small mishap though — I didn’t remove all of the old copies from my padfolio, and accidentally shared some of those! Yikes, that was not a happy discovery an hour into the fair!
  • Know your schedule. After expressing my interest in a company, I was able to pick up an interview for tomorrow morning. I’ll be missing a class, but I was able to quickly commit to the time because I knew that the opportunity of snagging an internship is more important than 25 minutes of symbolic logic… Okay, well, maybe not in the grand scheme of things, but it is for tomorrow!
  • Be professional. Business dress, a firm handshake, looking recruiters in the eye and using their name — it all adds up.

It has come to my attention that I use lists a lot…


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College Cents

Picking up pennies makes me happy. I never pay attention to the heads up is good luck/tails is bad luck — my reasoning is, hey, I found a penny! Which roughly translated to free money, so I’m not complainin’.

I think it’s easier to go after ways to earn and save money than make everyday life adjustments. Picking up pennies is one instance; playing “the game” with drug store rewards at Walgreens or CVS is another.

Here’s my list of biggest things I should be doing on a daily basis to save, and what stuff costs me the most.

Ways to saving —

  • Use free printing. One perk of my over-priced student housing is a free laser printer in the computer lab. You are supposed to donate paper to replenish what is used, but toner is free. I should hardly ever use my personal printer (except to print coupons, since I can’t download the app for that on the public comps).
  • Use free school services. Two prime examples are the computer help desk and the health center. There is free PC repair gurus and packages of band-aids just waiting to be used!
  • Win free stuff. I’ve come to the conclusion that relatively few people 1. read the daily paper or 2. enter the contests found within the pages of the daily paper. I’ve won two sets of tickets and an xbox game so far, and just entered this week’s  contest for tickets to Cirque du Soleil. Whee!
  • Go to the rec center. It’s included in some fee or another, so I should aim to go frequently enough to make my “membership” worthwhile. Theoretically, this should lead me to a healthier lifestyle with fewer medical needs, too.

Insanely expensive things —

  • Laundry. $3 a load makes me angry, but clean clothes are pretty darn close to a necessity.
  • Pre-prepared food. Sometimes it just feels like a microwaveable dinner is all I have time for, but this definitely isn’t the case.
  • Housing. Highway robbery, I tell ya. Then again, there are enough actual robberies that ponying up the money to get a safe place seems like a really good idea.

What are your biggest finds and losses?

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Believing in Change

Do you believe in change?

No, no, I’m not talking about politics — I’m talking about picking up coins. Cold, hard cash. Perfectly valid, yet easily forgettable and often left behind.

Picking up coins abandoned on the ground is quick and easy, with an immediate payout. I’m always amazed by how many coins I find on the ground. Like real estate, location matters. Normally, I find about 20 cents during a trip to Walgreens; I remember the high school lunch room having a small fortune on its floor, too. But does it pay off?

Let’s assume it take 5 seconds to pick up a penny, which is a generous amount of time. That means that I can pick up 720 pennies over the course of an hour of time, which equals $7.20 per hour in post-tax dollars, meaning that the entire $7.20 goes to your bank account without giving any to Uncle Sam (legally, of course.)

That’s not bad, especially when you consider the increased earnings when picking up a nickle (5x more), dime (10x more), or quarter (25x more). [While I do make more per hour when working, I haven’t found a way to earn more income while walking home from Walgreens!]

Further experimental evidence comes from my family. We kept a jar on the counter to which the entire family contributed the money they had found at work, during school, or while running errands — everyday activities that were going to be done anyway . When the jar was full (and really heavy!), it was taken to the local bank to be counted. Over the course of about five years, my mom, dad, sister and I managed to collect over $70 in found money! [To put that in perspective, I just bought a wool coat for $73 dollars (64% discount!)]

All in all, I always try to pick up pennies. Importantly excluding, of course, situations where coin is incredibly dirty, or would create an awkward situations. One dime may be easy to overlook, but when accumulating those spare coins become $70 — sweet!

If you’d like to digitally pick up some pennies, learn more about one of my favorite programs, YouData!

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YouData Makes Cents

Would you like to get paid to view advertising on your own terms?

YouData does just that!

The concept behind YouData is that advertisers offer to pay you for viewing an advertisement and visiting their site. I am usually pretty interested in the links (things like shoe retailer Piperlime), which are targeted based on your profile, and have fun viewing the products.

All you have to do to earn money through YouData is click-through; unlike cheesy survey sites, there’s no doubt whether or not you will qualify. If you qualify, you can get paid — payments are disbursed weekly, regardless of how much money you have made.

One great thing about YouData is that very little personal information is required — it’s  basically just email, PayPal information for payment, and phone number (one text is sent to confirm your account, and enforce a limit of one account per person).

This isn’t a great way to get rich, but it’s a quick way to digitally pick up some pennies! :)

This is not a sponsored post — I just think it’s a cool company. I get a small bonus if you sign up through the links I have provided (which would, incidentally, be really nice).

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