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I am officially HIRED as a photographer for the college media company, specifically as a member of the yearbook staff.

I am really looking forward to getting to know the rest of the staff, becoming part of the company family, and having access to DSLR cameras forphoto assignments. Money-wise, it’s definitely more of a part time gig, with pay along the lines of $10/image used. The experience is priceless :)


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Job Fair Rules

I went to a career fair today. It wasn’t my first, but the first time when I was actually looking for a position. This was a university fair, so all of the companies attending targeted my school, which, in my opinion, certainly helps things work out well in the long run.

Points that hit home from the experience, for the future —

  • Do your homework. Preparing for a job fair matters so much more than preparing for class! I was able to find a list of companies recruiting online. I looked at their profiles, and made a list of which companies were offering internships that I felt might mesh with my interests. Through the fair, I referred to the list to prioritize which reps I wanted to talk to.
  • Come prepared with a self-commercial. I had a general idea of what I wanted to say — my background, my interests and what I was looking for. Practice makes perfect — by the end of a couple of hours, it was smooth sailing!
  • Bring your resume, en masse. I printed off myriad copies of my up-to-date resume last night, so that I could freely hand them out to recruiters. Small mishap though — I didn’t remove all of the old copies from my padfolio, and accidentally shared some of those! Yikes, that was not a happy discovery an hour into the fair!
  • Know your schedule. After expressing my interest in a company, I was able to pick up an interview for tomorrow morning. I’ll be missing a class, but I was able to quickly commit to the time because I knew that the opportunity of snagging an internship is more important than 25 minutes of symbolic logic… Okay, well, maybe not in the grand scheme of things, but it is for tomorrow!
  • Be professional. Business dress, a firm handshake, looking recruiters in the eye and using their name — it all adds up.

It has come to my attention that I use lists a lot…

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Money Crunch

I decided to buy as many books as possible from fellow students this year.

  1. I like supporting student sales, largely because I sell my own books this way. There are 40,000ish students, so there’s quite a market.
  2. It’s cost conscious. I get a better deal than through the bookstore — and so do they.
  3. Earth friendly — reuse, reuse, reuse, plus no major transportation required.

Major con: kids don’t take Visa. I did not plan ahead for this when coming back — I have exactly $46 in cash and $4 in dimes/nickles/quarters on me right now.  I’ve been going through all of my purses, book bags, piggy banks, anything to try to get two denominations of $35. (I also left my debit card at home due to a string of armed assaults on campus.)

It’s a really funny feeling not having access to the money, an emergency back up plan, or the easy credit of a credit card in this case. Well, hopefully Walgreens does cash back from my credit card tomorrow!

Edit: They don’t.

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