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My mom and I have always been interested in real estate window-shopping. I grew up in one house — the only house she’s ever owned — but we watch MLS listings in our community, reading the house descriptions, flipping through the pictures, and watching the price fluctuations.

It always amazes me: You can tell how expensive a house is going to be by the quality of the listing.

Duh. No really, the quality of the listing directly relates to how nice a house is. While it’s understandable that a $2,000,000 McMansion gets better treatment than the boxy $350K house, the differences in presentation are ridiculous.

I’ll be the first to admit that the houses differ in caliber — and, if free, I’d have a clear choice. Still, as a photographer, Cheap House’s pictures could be dramatically improved with minimal effort. Change the angle, turn on all of the interior lights even thought it’s daylight, kill the flash, move the big plastic toys until the photo shoot is over.

When it comes time to sell our house, I’m planning on giving it the million-dollar treatment. The rooms won’t magically become big, or are furnishings as nice as some of the local lux properties, but there’s absolutely no reason to decrease the “curb appeal” of the house to a buyer because it won’t sell for as much to begin with.

The costs of correct spelling in the listing, or spending a few more minutes on each photo are little. The savings? Potentially quite large, changing the entire vibe of the listing. To me, the important idea is that each home stands on it’s own merits, and isn’t penalized for not being “good enough”.


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Fun Frugality

What money-saving activity are you most proud of?

For me, it’s clothes. First, I see myself as a savvy spender. Finding a “50% off all reduce items” sign is like Christmas for me. Unless there’s an immediate need (underwear, suit jacket), I always buy on sale. When buying anything online, I shop through Ebates. While I have a considerable volume of clothing, it’s mainly classic pieces that can be worn in many different ways to many different occasions.

Secondly, I  buy pretty nice things — but then take care of them like no other. I remove stains before washing, trying everything — soap, soaking, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide. I keep sweaters clean-ish by hand-washing for a few wears between trips to the laundry. If there’s a loose thread, snip snip. Worse yet, if there’s an actual hole, I grab a needle , some thread and get mendin’.  Clear nail polish is a business staple in case I get a run in my nylons — with my 25-cent lint roller tagging along in my big black purse too.

How about you?

I would be tickled pink if you’d tell me what your choice would be. :)
It’s like a celebration of sorts that Penny Couture has hit the 50 post mark!

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Watson without Sherlock Holmes, emails without clues. Not Sir Arthur Conan Doyle worthy, but still.

I like being ‘in the know’. At a huge public school, it’s hard to heard/see signs for all of the activities. Consequentially, I’m signed up for a gazillion of university group mailing lists. Getting an email with the only identifying information that it’s from the “PACA Executive Committee” tells me next to nothing. Yes, I might like to volunteer with them on Saturday, but that practically sounds like going into a dark alley with a [poorly-punctuated] registered student organization.

Or maybe it isn’t a registered student organization — darned if I know.

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Interviews: 2, went well!

Forms: 1, dropped off

Found: 21 cents — also found a quarter yesterday!

Diet Cokes: 2

Company Presentations: 1

Networked with Alums: 3

Chemistry Reactions to memorize: 8

Photographs shared: 4

Job leads:  lots of following up to do!

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