Eames Love

Hello darlings!

My internet has been spotty for the past week. I’ve fallen behind on my favorite Hulu shows, cursed at how slowly Powerpoints download, and burned through my smartphone’s data plan streaming videos.

It’s the end of the week, and I was dreading calling Comcast to complain. Before, I reset the router. It took me approximately thirty seconds to figure out which cord to pull, five minutes of downtime, and then…

The internet worked. BOOM.

Smallest things make the biggest difference, don’t they?

HOWEVER… I totally believe in “go big or go home”.

It’s been at least 50º everyday, and I’ve been treating myself to hour-long runs. It feels wonderful to be outside, but after a few days my muscles are a little less thrilled.

Doesn’t this Eames lounge chair look delightfully comfortable to relax in afterward?

On the high end of my price range until I’m out of school ;)

However, I am lucky enough to get to do another review for CSN! They’re quickly becoming one of my favorite online shopping destinations. Any suggestions what product I should review?




favorite spaces

My apartment has three little rooms — bedroom, bath and living. The living room is my transition and storage area — everything from backpack, shipping supplies, and cases of bottles to my orchid.

It can get a little messy!

Lucky girl that I am, I get to do another review from CSN! You can order anything — and trust me, they have EVERYTHING — from a new nightstands to firewood racks (and yes, I bought one of the latter!)

Based on the state of my living room, I’m thinking about something to organize. Like some nice wicker baskets, perhaps?

Or maybe a name plate for the coffee table, just for finance-major inspired kicks?

Or maybe I’ll end up sending a fun boxful of toys to my darling little dog —

Too cute!

What would you choose?

Web hosting?

I’m planning to buy a domain & hosting service for my small business/llc&realname blogs. I talked to Bluehost online service last night (around 1:45 am, lol!) Apparently they have tools to make using WordPress really easy? The rep was kind of snippy about my dumb questions, but I might be able to overlook that if it’s good?

Who do you use for web hosting?

new header

Figuring out how to do overlays and transparent layers with Paint.Net really helped — I’m hoping to take a couple more stock photos this weekend to finish it off!

Like it? Please let me know! :)

And for a pleasant way to start the weekend, how to make yourself luckier from Yahoo’s Shine blog!

fish food

because sometimes life needs pretzel goldfish crackers swimming in chocolate pudding


is small surprises, like finding 14 cents by the time I got to my building’s elevator this morning. That, and the fact that my dishwasher is fixed pretty much made my morning.

Today would also have been the 68th anniversary of my grandparents’ wedding. Being married at 22 is looking younger and younger all the time!

What little things made your day go well today? :)

PS. New header is at the top of my to-do list! xo

apartment love

Moving is always so stressful, but definitely worth it this year!

My new apartment is light, airy, and cute (aka petite in a cozy way). And I’m saving roughly $3000 over the less-fab accommodations from last year! It’s been so nice to have the bathroom and kitchen all to myself. Having three rooms makes it sound a lot bigger than it is — there’s no dining table, for instance, but eating with my laptop on the counter bar or on the couch works perfectly well.

I think I’ve gathered a nice assortment of furnishings, too. Many came from holiday sales (mugs post-christmas, rug and shower curtain after Valentine’s day) but I’ve also incorporated some other elements like magnets I pained and a quilt my grandmother made when I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

The pretty pink sheets are new from CSN — it’s what I chose for my last review, and I absolutely love the color and the contrast against the blue quilt with its sweet subtle bits pink!  I think they’ve softened up after being on the bed for awhile, too :)

I get to do another review, too with a  generous $35 credit as compensation! Whatever shall I choose? ;)